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Notable Speakers:
Jean Houston
Scholar, Philosopher, Teacher, Author and Co-Founder of Rising Women Rising World and the Human Potential Movement
Dr. Rama Mani
Co-Founder, Rising Women Rising World, Peacebuilder, Poet-Performer: 'Voice of Witness and Awakening'
Monica Sharma
Tata Chair Professor, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India
Swanee Hunt
Ambassador, President and Founder of Hunt Alternatives, Lecturer at Harvard Kennedy School
Andrew Harvey
Founder of the Institute for Sacred Activism
Gulalai Ismail
Founder and Chairperson of Aware Girls
Nicholas Janni
Founder, Core Presence. Associate Fellow, University of Oxford Said Business School
Ozioma Egwuonwu
Founder, BurnBright International
Thomas Huebl
Spiritual Teacher and Founder of the Academy of Inner Science
Georgia Kelly
Founder/Director, Praxis Peace Institute

So many exceptional women have led the way in evolving our world – from the the Mothers of the Disappeared, to the icons of civil rights like Rosa Parks and Ella Baker, to the spiritual activist Aung San Suu Kyi... And yet, too often, their stories have been eclipsed by men who have played more glorified roles as change leaders.

With news of suicide bombings, sexual trafficking and economic corruption grabbing the daily headlines, it’s obvious that the world is in dire need of more heart-based guidance, courage and inspiration.

It’s becoming clearer with each passing day that this is a time when the qualities of the “deep feminine” – in women and in men – are essential for re-shaping human decisions and actions for a wiser future.

With the Rising Women, Rising World series, you’ll discover truly courageous women (along with a few extraordinary men) who are at the forefront of spiritual evolution and conscious change work on our planet right now. They are putting their hearts into action and their visions into motion.

They are inviting you to stand together on behalf of women’s lives everywhere and our vision of what life could be like when the feminine comes into balance with the masculine.

And they are here to illuminate the pathway forward for us all.

Women Are Rising & Waking Up the World

The era when women’s efforts were invisible and their voices muted is coming to an end... and with the Women Rising, Rising World series, women around the globe are rising up to claim a new kind of sacred power – one based in reverence for life, resilience and love.

Do you long for a brighter future for your children and all children... for generations to come? Are you a changemaker (or aspire to be one) whose very being calls you to stand up against injustice or help the poor, the marginalized and the destitute – but are uncertain about the path to take to make a real impact? Are you ready to fully express the compassion that is your feminine birthright and the resolve that soul-powered women have always shown?

If your soul answers with a resounding “Yes!” then you, too, are a “rising woman,” and you are invited to learn from the courageous leaders who offer true inspiration and guidance for these complex times.

In this illuminating series, they share stories that demonstrate that extraordinary change is possible when we learn how to harness our feminine gifts and actively apply them to making positive shifts in our world.

And they show you why we must be savvy about change – understanding that loving the world is not enough. After all, creating long-term transformation requires real dedication, hard work – and being willing to stand in the fires that often meet those who create change.

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With the Rising Women, Rising World series, you’ll:

  • Get inspired by the inside stories of women leaders from around the world who have been courageous enough to say, “I do not accept the world as it is and I am working to change it!”
  • Discover the secrets of great women changemakers, including real examples of what they have accomplished – and how they accomplished it.
  • Learn the personal, spiritual and psychological practices that support the resiliency and strength needed to transcend obstacles and accomplish extraordinary acts.
  • Gain powerful insights into the important work women are doing on the issues and areas you care about – including human rights, activism, economics, peace building, sexuality & body issues, arts/performance, education and consciousness.
  • Discover enlightening wisdom for balancing the deep feminine with the deep masculine, which is so needed for creating sustainable change in our world today.

If you have long desired to marry the tender depths of yourself with the passionate call for a more just, humane and thriving world – this series was created for you. You’ll be enlightened by some of the world’s most beloved and inspiring changemakers – and many that you've never heard of before who are equally inspiring.

You can learn from their experiences and hard-earned wisdom how to expand your vision of yourself, release any sense of inadequacy and stand in your destiny as a force to be reckoned with. Simply sign up to be notified about the next live Rising Women, Rising World Summit, and receive the free recordings mentioned above.

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Listen in on this lively interview as summit host Scilla Elworthy shares about how this unique coming together of powerful women leaders from around the world can contribute to your growth, and the evolution of the whole planet.

Reclaim the Rising Woman in YOU!

The Rising Women, Rising World Summit is not about "heroine worship" and witnessing a few remarkable women’s breakthroughs, but about claiming the “rising woman” within YOU – the one who is passionate about making the changes that will allow life to thrive on this planet. It’s about caring for ALL of Earth's citizens, from people to animals to the whole of the universe. It’s about loving boldly and courageously enough to shift larger systems. It’s about speaking truth AS power, not just TO power.

It’s about you liberating your soul force and becoming inspired to put it into action in the world.

As you do this, you'll find a courage that can move mountains, and you'll discover that not only are you more powerful than you dreamed possible... you can also have a joyful time being an agent of evolution.

For a “rising woman” is – at the deepest level – at peace with herself. And she consecrates her work for the greatest good of all, not by sacrificing herself but by liberating her full passion and power in the service of all beings.

Through this series and free recordings, we want to empower you to be the best rising woman you can be....

So rise up, and let’s get inspired and into action!

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