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Jean Houston
Scholar, Philosopher, Teacher, Author and Co-Founder of Rising Women Rising World and the Human Potential Movement
Dr. Rama Mani
Co-Founder, Rising Women Rising World, Peacebuilder, Poet-Performer: 'Voice of Witness and Awakening'
Monica Sharma
Tata Chair Professor, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India
Swanee Hunt
Ambassador, President and Founder of Hunt Alternatives, Lecturer at Harvard Kennedy School
Andrew Harvey
Founder of the Institute for Sacred Activism
Gulalai Ismail
Founder and Chairperson of Aware Girls
Nicholas Janni
Founder, Core Presence. Associate Fellow, University of Oxford Said Business School
Ozioma Egwuonwu
Founder, BurnBright International
Thomas Huebl
Spiritual Teacher and Founder of the Academy of Inner Science
Georgia Kelly
Founder/Director, Praxis Peace Institute

Congratulations on joining Rising Women Rising World! The most recent live event is over, but you now have the opportunity to receive lifetime access to the deep wisdom, the insights and powerful practices from the courageous women (and a few remarkable men) who are at the forefront of spiritual evolution and conscious change – helping to build a brighter future for our children and generations to come.

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So often, activists are motivated and driven by their unhealed wounds, challenges and issues in a way that can compromise their efficacy in creating change. This is especially true of women around the world who have internalized limiting views of themselves.

Brilliant women often struggle with self-confidence and insecurity. Talented women can see themselves as failures. Incredible souls still feel inadequate. These patterns are a legacy of how women have been seen and treated around the globe and throughout history.

The good news is that a bright new future is upon us....

There is an exciting uprising underway – and it’s being led by the extraordinary women (and a few remarkable men) featured in The Rising Woman's Inspiration Kit, who are at the forefront of spiritual evolution and conscious change.

These new paradigm leaders recognize that there is no separation between our healing and the planet's healing, and illuminate the pathway for YOU to become a “rising woman” – one who is connected deeply with the rising stream of love, soul-power, brilliance and talent within you and does not shrink from your greatness.

When this stream is connected with the most pressing needs of our day, THAT is when the magic happens. You are filled up with hidden sources of power, spiritual energies that infuse your body, mind and soul with more confidence and capability to really be a catalyst for deep changes and healing in the world.

You become unstoppable not out of force of will, but through the kind of "soul force" that Gandhi said was the true source of social change.

Get The Rising Woman's Inspiration Kit to be inspired by some of the most extraordinary changemakers on the planet who are standing vulnerably and powerfully in addressing the legacy of wounds and mistrust... and who will guide you in opening your heart to the healing balm of love – to apply to yourself and those who need it most.

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The world is starting to pay closer attention to what is happening now in the lives of women everywhere – what we are truly capable of – and the astonishing initiatives that we are pollinating across the planet.

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With The Rising Woman's Inspiration Kit, you’ll:

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  • Discover the secrets of great women changemakers, including real examples of what they have accomplished and how they accomplished it.
  • Learn the personal, spiritual and psychological practices that support the resiliency and strength needed to transcend obstacles and accomplish extraordinary acts.
  • Discover enlightening wisdom for balancing the deep feminine with the deep masculine, which is so needed for creating sustainable change in our world today.
  • Gain powerful insights on the important work women are doing on the issues and areas you care about – including human rights, activism, economics, sexuality & body issues, arts/performance, education and consciousness.

Become a “rising woman” by learning to marrying two currents in the marrow of your being – the passion for evolution, growth and healing AND the commitment to serve the deepest needs on this planet.

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When you purchase The Rising Woman's Inspiration Kit, you’ll have lifetime access to every one of the illuminating and informative mentoring sessions of the 2015 Rising Women, Rising World summit. Listen whenever and wherever you want. Listen multiple times to these information-packed audio and video recordings to learn even more from these experts!

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Andrew Harvey

Power of the Sacred Feminine – In this passionate opening session, Andrew Harvey shared with us the power and "fury for justice" of the feminine in all of its forms, and how you can use this power to inspire and create change in the world. True love in action! Andrew pitched straight into describing the patriarchal definition of the feminine (nourishing, protective, tender, etc.) saying that there’s a vitally important aspect of the divine feminine that we need to know right now: the Kali aspect. The mother of destruction as well as creation. The Black Madonna. Women now are fed by her sense of urgency for what’s happening to our planet, and her passion for justice. Andrew also spoke movingly about how men are now increasingly willing to stand up for women who are engaging in Sacred Activism, celebrating and honoring the divine feminine.

Dr. Rama Mani

Women and the 'heART' of TransformationDr. Rama Mani feels passionately that creativity and artistic expression are vital for global transformation, because art can do what statistics cannot do – namely speak soul-to-soul. When she listens to those who have been through the most terrifying experiences in war, she says, their stories are “itching to come out of me!” Fifteen years ago when she was lying awake at night in war-torn Somalia, wondering how she could help to end the arms trade that was fuelling that terrible conflict, she suddenly realized “It’s ART!” And ART is indeed the heART of transformation for Rama. She’s passionate about the power of imagination, and encourages us to allow ourselves to “expand our imaginal cells” and imagine how the world could be, allowing whatever arises to drop in. This, Rama says, can help build “Ourtopia”.

Gulalai Ismail

Empowering Girls in Pakistan; Working against the Odds Gululai Ismail explained that education for girls where she lives in Northwest Pakistan is a rare privilege, in no way a right. She started to do something about this when she was 16, starting a campaign for leadership and education for girls to speak up for their rights. She has also started a network of young people to develop skills for confronting extremism, because many young men in the area are being brainwashed to join militant groups and “go for Jihad.” They have started study circles introducing techniques of nonviolence, and they now manage to work successfully with more than 1,000 people each year. Gulalai’s message to everyone listening was this: “If you have a voice and can be heard, you must please USE it and speak up on behalf of all those who cannot. Ask ‘why are so many girls in the world married before the age of 16? Why are so many facing abuse?’”

Jean Houston

Designing a World That Works From the Perspective of Women – In this moving session, Jean Houston said that the shift in consciousness necessary for human survival is not going to happen without a growing partnership between women and men. The world has been re-arranged, the re-set button of history has been hit, and in the next 100 years the masculine must come back into balance with the feminine. This is the great either/or of history, and women are yearning to build a world that works for all. The world is hungry for VISION, and that’s why Rising Women Rising World is evolving, engaging women from all cultures and corners of the world to cross the divides of otherness. Don’t be surprised if – just when you are rising up and on the precipice of a breakthrough, attempting the new – you are hit by a wave of negativity. This is normal – it’s the entropy that arises when we become real change makers... and it probably indicates that you’re doing something right! Just keep on – this is no time for whining!

Monica Sharma

Committing to an Equitable Future – As Director of Leadership and Capacity Development at the United Nations, Monica Sharma designed and facilitated programs for whole systems transformation and leadership development throughout the world, and did this with measurable results. In the course of her conversation with Scilla, Monica gave inspiring examples of the people she has worked with in all parts of the world – their courage, their tenacity, their unsung heroism. She knows what it’s like to face the inevitable resistance as we push the boundaries for fairness and dignity for all. Scilla had shared some similar experiences, and so they had a great conversation about this. For example, when you propose something new that will really change the status quo, you can get ridiculed or threatened. Scilla deeply respects Monica as someone with huge experience in actually having an effect on the world in which we live. She says, “One of the reasons I admire Monica so much is that she’s seen the worst of what humans are capable of, and yet she can always identify ways we can move forward in the future. She sees opportunities related to peace, social justice and wellbeing.” Monica expressed how strongly she believes in the essential role of women, describing the ways women in which women can contribute now to the profound changes needed – so that there will be a future for our grand-children.

Swanee Hunt

Half Life of a ZealotSwanee Hunt devotes her time and experience to enabling women leaders because she’s so aware of the suffering of women, especially as a result of war. Her organisation, the Institute for Inclusive Security, provides training and support to integrate women leaders into peace processes worldwide. Why? because when women are not present at the peace table, the needs of the majority of victims of war – women and children – are not taken care of. Swanee totally endorses the work of Rising Women Rising World because, as she says, “we each need to think of ourself as a gift to others, and putting our strengths together – supporting each other as women do – we can provide the leadership the world so desperately needs now.”

Nicholas Janni

Living and Leading from the Deep Feminine – Drawing on his vast experience of working in the corporate world and his training in various forms of bodywork, Nicholas Janni outlined the distinctions between yin and yang, between being and doing. When doing is ‘rooted’ in being it can enlarge, and lead to a deep form of listening, and the ability to hear what a higher intelligence may be trying to say. The masculine is disconnected from the deep feminine in much of the corporate world, but change is taking place – leaders are realising that the present system doesn’t work. There is a remarkable rise in Mindfulness, which is becoming mainstream. Millennials want to join companies that have purpose and meaning, and are willing to accept less money to do so. When the masculine is aligned with the feminine, we can work for hours without fatigue. When we welcome the feminine it is a gateway to the heart, and allows the flourishing of our natural wish to serve. In the final minutes, Nicholas made a great statement: “If we really want to evolve, we cannot insist on being comfortable; those moments of confusion or lost-ness are tremendously fertile and lead to increased clarity on our life purpose.”

Thomas Huebl

Finding Your Path in a Challenging World – Wow, what a conversation! Thomas Huebl shared how inner work – developing your self-awareness – can support your personal contribution to the world and make that contribution more effective. He said that when a human being “grows up internally,” he or she begins to feel joy simply in giving. Thomas likes the new mantra for the 21st century: “what can I give?” (instead of “what can I get?” – the mantra of last century). He feels that more and more people all over the planet are enlarging their awareness, suddenly feeling an expansiveness they couldn’t see before, thus being able to accommodate and take care of even the darkest issues that arise. When Scilla mentioned that in the new organisation Rising Women Rising World, they’re envisioning a future in which the values of the deep feminine – in women as in men – come to the fore, Thomas said that he sees this happening already in his work. The yang needs the magnetism of the yin in order to stay healthy; if yang is not grounded in yin, it becomes destructive. When yin and yang come into balance, the outcome is joy. When we begin to feel our connectedness to everything, then it becomes much easier to take care of the challenges we and the planet face, easier to see “the possibility that is already around you.” Current challenges, he said, become small compared to the intelligence that is available. We develop a sense that we’re willing to face pain and pleasure equally, even if we meet what we most dislike in ourselves and the world, when we have a sense of belonging to something meaningful. We can relax into a new safety, provide a sense of “home” large enough for the toughest issues, where we can really become developed human beings, clear, grounded and integrated. This whole conversation was a delight for the heart.

Ozioma Egwuonwu

Rise and Shine: Moving Beyond your Shadow to Reclaim your GlowOzioma Egwuonwu says that one of the challenges that keeps women from fully ‘embracing their shine’ is low self esteem. Having suffered this herself, she has worked out a four-part process that any women can follow: Clarity, or being real with yourself; Compassion, or self empathy for your perceived liabilities; Confidence, or learning to appreciate who you are, and; Connection, or realising that you are not alone but connected to others. She’s in favour of facing our shadow, the part of ourselves that asks “Am I good enough?” Do not resist it. Make fear your friend. Smile at it! Then concentrate on your vision: take a breath, feel your energy rise. Our dreams are not just for ourselves, but for a more compassionate society! Ozioma uses her discipline of daily raja yoga practices to center herself, and surrounds herself with friends of the highest quality, where one conversation can simply enable her to ‘reclaim her glow.’

Georgia Kelly

Citizens Creating a Cultural Intervention: The Way to Systemic ChangeGeorgia Kelly opened by describing the Mondragon Co-operative in the Basque country of Spain, where hundreds of worker-owned businesses have created a culture of equality. No poverty and no great wealth, and a feeling of safety and well-being for all. For citizens to create a cultural intervention, she sees the necessity to become really well informed, to educate others – particularly girls – and to become involved in the democratic process. What to do right now? Unplug some from the culture you live in. Go on retreat, disengage from media, and you will find time to develop different ways of being with people, and develop your own vision.


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  • Luisah Teish: The MotherSense Leadership Model
  • Seane Corn & Hala Khouri: Embodying Spiritual Activism: Finding Balance with Compassionate Action, Justice and Personal Sustainability
  • Aliah MaJon, Cristina Balli & China Galland: Healing Racism as a Spiritual Practice
  • Devaa Haley Mitchell & Elayne Doughty: Living as a Soulful Woman: Awakening the Feminine Archetypes to Manifest Your Soul's Calling
  • Kim Carpenter, Elisa Parker, Linda Higdon & Natasha Allrich: A Conversation with World Changing Women: Making a Difference From Exactly Where You Are
  • Sonia Ricotti: Achieve Your Highest Vibration State: How to Manifest Your Greatest Life in Record Time
  • Caroline Casey: The Power of the Woman Story-Teller as Trickster Redeemer
  • Tanya Paluso: How to be a New Generation Feminine Leader
  • Sofia Diaz, Ajaya Sommers & Mirabai Starr: Holy Human: The Alchemy and Genius of Feminine Embodiment
  • Suraya Keating & Lesley Currier: Healing Through the Arts: Using Theater with Incarcerated Populations


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Swanee Hunt is the woman behind the women, supporting their leadership throughout the world. Through them, she touches millions who will never have the privilege of browsing in a bookstore.
– Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of Liberia

Jean Houston’s mind should be considered a national treasure.
– Buckminster Fuller

Every age has its teachers, who keep the eternal truths alive for all of us. And when a generation is very, very lucky, it encounters a teacher so illumined that the words he delivers must be illumined as well. In the case of Andrew Harvey, the light he sheds is like a meteor burst across the inner sky.
Marianne Williamson

A true model for the rise of feminine energy, [Dr. Rama Mani’s] presence and grace are the high activism we need to face our evolutionary crisis.
– Prof. Ashok Gangadean (Trinidad/USA)
Founder, Global Dialogue Institute

Swanee Hunt’s life reads like a novel. Born into a powerful, conservative and patriarchal American family, a young girl grows up to use her part of that power to support the powerless, and to encourage peace and women’s leadership around the world.
– Gloria Steinem

With elegant simplicity, Jean Houston shows you how to unleash the genius that lies in the depths of your being.
– Deepak Chopra, MD

Andrew [Harvey] is a brilliant, inspired visionary who has the ability to interpret the meaning of the chaos and rapid changes that are redirecting the compass of our contemporary culture. He is a spiritual, intellectual, and cultural mystic whose passion is to awaken people to a new and essential empowerment in this world: sacred activism.
– Caroline Myss

Rama [Mani] relates her real-world experiences in a way that engages and captivates. She connects on a deep personal level with her audiences, and leaves them not only astounded, but also elevated and wiser.
– Swami Agnivesh (India)
Winner of the Alternative Nobel Peace Prize and the Anti-Slavery International Award